Web Positioning SEO in Search Engines

Search engine optimization consists of using optimization techniques in Web sites, to position your website in the first results.

Web Positioning SEO in Search Engines | Websites Management | Search engine optimization consists of using optimization techniques in Web sites, to position your website in the first results

User behavior:
90% does not go beyond the first page in a search

We could hide a corpse on page 2 and no one would find it ...

Search engine positioning or Web positioning is the result of the retrieval of information in the database of large Internet Search Engines by the use of search algorithms in the software.

It consists of applying various techniques that tend to get Internet search engines to place a certain Web page in a high position and category (first position) within its results page for certain terms and key search phrases.

It is also understood as web development techniques, which aim to improve the position of a certain website by its pages in the list of search engine results.

The application of SEO techniques is intense in Web sites that offer products or services with much competition, seeking to position certain pages on their competitors in the list of results.

Strictly speaking, what is positioned are the URLs of pages independently. Achieving the sites, a good positioning as a result.

The work to be done is broad, since it involves the programming code, the designer and the contents.

SEO techniques can be excessive and affect the natural results of large search engines, so if they violate the clauses and conditions of use can be considered, in some cases, as a form of SPAM.

Search engines are the service most used by Internet users to locate both companies and products and services.

Therefore, it is essential for today's organizations that want to attract a high traffic of visits to their Web sites, achieve a good positioning in the most used search engines.

The search engine positioning is to use all the techniques available to the company, to achieve place your website in the first results of searches performed by Internet users.

Internet users are usually very little patient in their browsing and most of the time do not usually pass the first page of the results offered by the search engine.

Therefore, companies wishing to position their website in the first search engines must be able to appear in the top search posts; the higher the result is, the more visibility the company will have for the user and the more qualified visits it will get on site.

Unless the name of the page to be visited is known directly, the first task that an Internet user does when he or she is ready to surf the Internet is to find the information he or she needs.

Taking into account this premise, it is clear that the ordering of results in a search engine is fundamental, since more important than appearing in the search engine is the position that is occupied in it.

But getting a good position is not an easy task; It requires constant work by companies to generate good content and optimize the pages, whose results are usually not seen in the short term.

But perseverance and effort are often rewarded because, once the right positioning is reached, it is the most effective tool to achieve the return on investment made.

Positioning in search engines

The optimization of the search engines is, today, one of the most effective and profitable Internet advertising options, exceeding in many cases the on-line advertising itself.

In addition to register in a search engine there are mechanisms with which we can get the best positions in the search engines; More important than appearing in search engines is the position that is occupied in them.

The search engines, in their Internet tracking, do not fix their attention on the design, color or images contained in a website, but in their content(natural positioning) and in the links made to it from and to other sites. (links by merit)..

Web positioning as a marketing technique has its advantages:

  • Less investment than traditional offline media
  • Less cost than AdWords
  • Reach directly to the target audience at the time of need
  • Increase in visits and potential customers
  • Increase in brand value, online recognition
  • Stable results in time

Process to obtain a Web positioning

  • Analysis of the company, the sector to which it belongs and its competence to find the search phrases and keywords that will attract its target audience
  • Optimization, based on Google parameters and recommendations for indexing Web sites
  • Link building campaigns (creation of incoming links) Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Natural behavior (Depends on the number of keywords you want to position.)

A positioning campaign usually has a minimum term of 3 months, although from the first month they are noticed Improvements in positions and an increase in search engine visits.

Google tips to get White Hat links

  • Generate controversy to talk about us
  • Participate in the online community contributing our knowledge and answering questions
  • Write good content
  • Write articles about comparison of services or sales of our services
  • Create Newsletters for redundant traffic
  • Social Media
  • Create tutorials
  • Create services or valuable applications for users
  • Create videos

Test to optimize a web

  • Does the website comprise at least six individual web pages?
  • Each of these Web pages contain at least 200 words of visible text?
  • Pages Web contain enough text for both web browsers and search engines to easily know
  • Web pages are linked in such a way that search engines and Web browsers can find all the Web pages of your Web site, through the links of the pages of your site?
  • Is the HTML of the Web pages valid in such a way that the search engines do not have problems to index the website?
  • Do you use a welcome page or intro page on the website? Many search engines can not index the site if you use this type of page.
  • Are there flash elements?
  • Does not the website URL use special characters or too many variables? Search engines have problems with web page URLs that have many variables.
  • If you were a user unrelated to your project: Would you prefer your own site than that of a Web competitor?

The process to be followed by an organization to achieve the top positions in the most used search engines, mainly Google, we must start with the first step, which is to register on search engines.


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